My recommended airline now is

My recommended airline now is ""All Nippon Airways"". I am the opportunity to go abroad as well as the opportunity to travel domestically, but I still want to keep cheap air fare. Especially in the case of overseas trips international flights are totally different depending on the airline, so I think that people who are not particular about not being an airline company in particular are required to choose well, but Japanese companies familiar with Japanese are good as well I guess there are many people who think. Besides, I feel a sense of security is not it? But, the Japanese airline company is expensive! I tend to tend to think that, I feel that not the case recently. Just the other day, I was watching a package tour to go on a domestic trip, I was surprised that ANA was very cheap and I am going abroad next time so I was searching for a great ticket, I was ANA. Considering peace of mind and trust, it is ANA recommendation. I just got a brochure to make ANACARD. When considering mileage, Japanese airlines are stingy! Although it says anything, I think that it is a Japanese-style card that there are also some nice services, such as one discount at shops in the airport if you have a card. And, by the way, my recommendation & favorite was ANA.